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Jason Garrett’s Time in Dallas is Finally Done

Written by tRy25

As the universe collects itself for World War 3, Jerry Jones swoops in and does his best to steal the show. I mean FINALLY JERYY! Jesus what the hell took so long? I’m not just talking about the fact that the Cowboys season ended a week ago either. Jason Garrett was the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys for 10 (ten!!!!) years. He lead the Cowboys to three straight 8-8 seasons (4 total), a 4-12 season, and only 3 double digit win seasons in his tenure as head coach in Dallas.

With how much money is spent down in Dallas to bring “America’s Team” back to glory, it’s fascinating Jerry Jones allowed this slappy to sputter his team’s tires for so long. Obviously Jerry wants a head coach that will bend the knee to him at every turn, but letting this cheerleader head coach his highly talented teams to disappointing records and early playoff exits for a decade is insane.

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