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Jared Goff Cheating Scandal; How Is Former Coach Sean McVay Involved?

Written by Chris Powers

It is never fun to expose a cheater, but often times there is a certain journalistic integrity that one must always fall back on, and that is to report the truth.

There have been many cheating scandals among professional athletes, and surprisingly, just as many coaches as well.

Allegedly, Sean McVay and Jared Goff may fall into the category of cheater. Or do they?

In 2017, both Sean McVay and Jared Goff were caught cheating…supposedly. A video of some game footage showed Sean McVay calling audibles for Jared Goff at the line of scrimmage, which Chris Simms of ProFootballTalk called “unethical” and “cheating.”

The fact of the matter is, what McVay and Goff did was well within the rules of the NFL has a coach has up until 15 seconds before the play clock expires to be in his quarterbacks ear.

McVay had the following to say on the matter:

“To say that you’re in his ear — because I’ve seen some of the things out there — I think it’s a discredit to what Jared has done,” McVay said. “And really, when you just look at it with the experiences that I’ve had in Washington and here, it’s totally at the quarterback’s discretion whether they want to have you be able to talk to them, give them any sort of reminders or if they say, ‘Just give me the play and then let me go ahead and just play the position.’”

So for now, both Goff and McVay are safe. There was no cheating. But within the confines of the NFL, you have to assume that somebody is always up to no good.

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