According to the owner at Valentine’s Distillery in Michigan, Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff was swearing at the staff there and was flipping off the customers after his party couldn’t be seated recently. Along with Goff allegedly leaving them a bad review and the owner saying he is going to throw his Lions jersey in the trash.

The original post can be shown below:

I want to come out and say that I couldn’t imagine Goff doing something like this – he is nothing but a class act. He was in Los Angeles and has been in Detroit. And for the business owner, Riffino Valentine, why would he come out and say Goff did something like this when he didn’t? It all seems weird to me.

This is what Goff had to say – clearing up that he has never been to his business.

Yeah, something doesn’t seem right here. Of course Goff offers a new jersey and there are Lions fans commenting that they want to go to the distillery – doesn’t make any sense. This guy just threw your quarterback under the bus and now you want to help his business?

It would be different if Goff actually did this but we all know he didn’t.


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