Jared Dudley Talks A Lot of Shit for Being a Massive Bum

Written by Graciemarx

It’s new a day, which means the NBA has more unnecessary drama. Today, it features bench-warmer and massive bum Jared Dudley. Dudley recently spoke about the Clippers and specifically Paul George. Dudley’s new book about the NBA Bubble featured the following quote about Paul George.

For some reason, Jared Dudley who has a career average of 7 points and is currently averaging 0.5 points per game seems like he can talk shit about Paul George. Pretty odd considering this dude is complete garbage. He’s only popular for talking shit about other players. Dudley is an awful basketball player. Jared Dudley is the definition of getting an A on a group project but contributing no work. He averages 48 mins a game on the bench, with 45 claps, and 35 screams. I mean he’s putting up record bench numbers.

His quote is also just wrong. He acts like Anthony Davis was a superstar prior to joining the Lakers. When A.D was on the Pelicans, no one gave a shit about him. He was definitely not at the same level as Lebron nor Paul George.

I guess Jared Dudley has to make money somehow, and I guess a book about the NBA bubble might do it. He has a lot of time because all he does he ride the bench for 48 minutes a game. Jared bum Dudley is one season away from doing “Dancing with the Stars.” He might finally be able to get some cardio in on “Dancing with the Stars.”

As Drake once said, “Bench players talking like starters and I hate it.” Period Drake. Jared Dudley needs to shut the fuck up and start learning the tango for his season of DWTS.

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