Jamie Foxx is the most talented human alive, watch him transition from Kermit the Frog to a Mike Tyson impression. @iamjamiefoxx

Jaime Foxx simply put is the most talented human being alive. If you need another example of it watch him do impressions ranging from Kermit the Frog, Jay Z, and Mike Tyson. It will leave you speechless.

Jamie Foxx accolades speak for itself but I feel as though he does not get enough credit. Award winning musician, actor, comedian, singer, producer, songwriter, and apparently great impersonator! What can’t this dude do? People never gave him he respect he deserved as a musician, couldn’t imagine being this talented. Imagine being such a successful comedian it takes over your Grammy winning music career?

Jamie Foxx for sure is a legend and that is not up for debate easily one of the top five comedians EVER. I cannot wait for that Mike Tyson biopic it is going to be so good! I feel this man does not get the appreciation he deserves so I had to write a blog about Mr. Foxx. Never forget that he may have given us the best sample of rap songs of all time: YO PIERRE, YOU WANNA COME OUT HERE?

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