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Jameson Williams Bet On College Football In Lions Team Hotel In Another State Where Gambling Is Legal; NFL Needs To Free Him!

Written by TrevStone

The NFL is a complete joke. Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams was recently suspended for betting on college football. Everyone started thinking – that’s stupid. Why can’t he? Well you aren’t able to bet while inside a team facility.

Everyone started thinking that he must have did it from the practice facility or something similar. According to reports – he bet on college football from the team hotel in another state.

What a joke!

You’re kidding me.

The state he bet in? Was also a legal state. You can’t tell me this wasn’t happening all over the league. Big college games going on and you want to bet. So you do that. I guess – seeing it was a team hotel you’re now in trouble.

Tell me how that makes sense.

It doesn’t – at all.

The NFL really needs to take back this stupid rule and free Jamo! Clear up the rule. Make it more clear. How the hell does him betting inside a hotel have anything to do with the NFL? It doesn’t.

Let the man live. Ohhhhh…. Or is it because he’s on the Lions and the NFL is scared of them?

I’m thinking it’s that.

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