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James Jones Calls Lions Fans The Quietest in the NFL

Written by Nik D

What a complete moron. Seriously though, what is this guy talking about?

I have been to Ford Field dozens of times, and I can assure you, when it gets rocking it is much louder than any other stadium I have been to.

The Lions keep track of “stats” that chart crowd noise, such as forced time outs, false start penalties, and delay of game penalties. This is all a part of the “Third-Down-Town” tradition. 

The crowd gets pumped up for every big third down trying to negate the communication of the opponents, causing unforced errors on their part.

Jones is a washed up player that tried out for numerous NFL teams, but couldn’t stick around with anyone but the Packers.

I will be at the Lions game this Sunday, and from this day forward I shall be known as the Mayor of Third Down Town!

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