James Harden’s Unopened Restaurant In Houston “Thirteen” Getting CRUSHED With Bad Reviews

You know the phrase ‘don’t eat where you crap?’

Well, it seems James Harden and the entire Houston Rockets community are soon going to be feeling that way. For a quick recap, Harden basically forced his way out of town by acting like a clown, playing at half-speed, looking a bit sluggish, and privately and soon publicly made his intentions clear he was looking for a trade elsewhere. Finally, after another tirade and horrible play on the court, he got his wish. The Rockets sent him packing to the Brooklyn Nets. Ultimately, he acted like a baby but got his way.

Good for him, I suppose? He got what he wanted.

Well, now it is time for the Houston community to show their respect just as they were shown such disrespect from Harden the past couple of weeks. You see, Harden’s new up-scale restaurant “Thirteen” is still set to open later this month in Houston. To me, that seems like a disaster waiting to happen based on recent events, and yep – it has already turned into a disaster less than 24 hours since the Rockets/Nets blockbuster swap.

The restaurant is getting crushed with one star reviews on Google and various other places, as unhappy fans are voicing their displeasure. TMZ Sports has a few examples up on their website as we speak, and some are pretty funny using Harden’s own words against him. Kinda hilarious in a sick karma way. Even more funny is the fact that again – the restaurant hasn’t even opened yet! That will happen in late January.

Doesn’t matter. Fans are speaking loud and clear what they think of this place to eat and their intentions to go there. Or NOT go there to be more specific. I may be dead wrong here, but I can’t see this place succeeding in Houston. I feel bad for all the great chefs, workers, servers, etc. I feel bad for them. They have been getting ready for the big launch and are surely feeling nervous for the opening coming up, and then the big name behind it (Harden) dumps on the city and leaves them high and dry. I think “Thirteen” is going to have an interesting grand opening…

What do you think? Fair or foul to dump on an unopened restaurant with terrible reviews?

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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