Last month, I wrote about the fact that teams were tripping over themselves to trade for James Harden. Currently on the Houston Rockets, being paid a massive amount of money to be nothing more than an over rated running beard. Score machine and points galore only matter on the stat sheet the next morning in the newspaper. Nobody cares about that come post-season time, and to the shock of nobody, Harden and his Houston Rockets have done JACK for his entire run their in the playoffs. Zero rings, zero care…zero future…

…with the Rockets that is.

Since that column I wrote back in December, the Miami Heat have dropped out of the ‘race’ to land him. I think a GREAT move by them. Get far, far away from this disaster. Moving away from the Heat, Harden has been looking a little sluggish, certainly not scoring all those points people love to applaud him for, and look at that  – his teammates have just about had enough of his attitude. Missing games, being spotted clubbing, media temper tantrums, etc. This thing in Houston is imploding fast. The team already shipped Russell Westbrook out of town. Now it’s just a matter of time until their other so called superstar is gone.

My brother in law called him a diva over his latest crap. That is being generous. I am so glad and feel VERY justified in always thinking very little of Harden. All coming due now.

Today, as of January 13th, 2021, James Harden is still on the Houston Rockets.

I expect that to change very soon, and the rest of the league seems to agree. The question remains though – where is he going?
Last month, my options were narrowed down to the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. I had predicted Philly would ultimately make the big move (mistake). Now? It appears that still may happen…but Brooklyn is determined to throw everything away just for a headline. Take a look at some of these stories from just hours ago:

Absolutely insane. Seriously, you think the Nets would have learned their lesson in 2013 after that gem of a blockbuster? This is just ridiculous on a whole new level. I am waiting for Kyrie Irving to be offered for James Harden in the potential Brooklyn/Houston deal. It would kill the idea of a “Big Three” for the Nets, but Irving has his own issues currently. Kinda like the John Wall for Russell Westbrook ‘star for star’ deal? It’d make some sense. Whatever happens, James Harden has reportedly not been at Rockets practice today, and that is due to the team’s decision. Pretty obvious the organization is expecting a trade to go down any minute now. It feels imminent.

Still, the lingering question remains – who lands Harden…and who will immediately regret it?

Stay tuned.


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