James Harden is playing and the Bucks are done

Written by Noah Gagnon

Let’s be honest here, this series should be done already. The brooms should have been out, and the Milwaukee Frauds should have been swept off the floor by now. If Bruce Brown doesn’t try to be prime Kobe Bryant, and Giannis doesn’t commit the closest thing to a crime I’ve ever seen on a basketball court (kidding, incidental contact) then the Nets wrap this thing up in 4. But a bricked lay-up here, a twisted ankle there, and the Nets have their backs up against the wall. Or at least their backs WERE up against the wall, because the savior is coming.

That’s right, the Brooklyn Nets medical staff injected every drug in Bed-Stuy into James Harden’s hamstring, and the man is suiting up tonight. James got hurt about 40 seconds into game 1, so the Bucks haven’t had to deal with this king all series, and lets be honest, they’re not prepared. He’s the most unguardable 1 on 1 player of my lifetime, and even on one leg the guy’s gonna drop 25 and 10. Will he have any feeling below the waist tonight? Of course not, he’s gonna be more drugged then the homeless men camped outside the arena, but if that’s what it takes to win, it’s what James Harden’s gonna do.

And even if James is just a decoy out there tonight, his presence alone will make the entire offense more efficient. The refs won’t let PJ Tucker be in an MMA fight against KD tonight, Joe Harris will find his stroke, and James Harden only needs one leg to hit a stepback in Jrue Holiday’s mouth. Aaaaaaannnnndddd if there’s a pregame setback and James doesn’t play, just forget about all of this. Nets by 25 tonight.

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