James Harden is Only Good Because He Hits Free Throws and Has The Green Light From The Refs

Written by schultzyca

Fuck James Harden, plain and simple. This fat bastard has been having a terrible year and of course he plays his best game of the season against the Knicks that just makes sense right? When James Harden has the green light for the refs he is the best player in the league.

Guess Harden has the refs back on payroll because I swear if he shot a Knick with a gun tonight the ref would call the foul on the Knick who got shot. I mean is shit you cannot just watch its Harden driving, traveling, throwing up a shot, then a whistle, and then the fat bastard beard goes to the line.

This guy you simply cannot watch, it is not fun. His brand of basketball is terrible for the game nothing that he done screams fun.

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