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James Harden Caught Cheating; Brooklyn Nets Star Player Out For The Series?

You hate to call out someone like this, but it absolutely needs to be said. James Harden lives in the public eye, so at some point it absolutely had to be addressed. James Harden is no saint. The man, whether he admits it or not has been accused of cheating.

The question is, did James Harden cheat?

The answer is yes, he did. And he still does.

Harden is known for his quick back steps when trying to pull away from an opponent for a shot. If you watch closely, Harden backs up enough whereby he is legitimately traveling, but never actually seems to get called for it. I highly recommend taking a look at the YouTube video below that breaks down Harden’s infamous back pedaling move and why it is illegal.

In other NBA news, Brooklyn Nets star Jeff Green will not be able to play for the rest of the series after suffering suffering strained plantar fascia during Game 2 against the Celtics. Nets head coach Steve Nash had the following to say about Green his injury, and how the team will adjust their gameplay without him:

“He will travel with us and do his rehab,” coach Steve Nash said. “He has been so valuable to us this year with all the injuries we’ve had. He’s been able to play multiple positions, different roles and fill in all the gaps for us.

And fortunately, we’re relatively healthy elsewhere. But it is a loss. He is a guy that has done a lot for us and means a lot to us on and off the court and we just hope that he can recover fully and get back out there in these playoffs.

I think there’s still a lot of minutes on the table for Nic Claxton, so he’ll probably play more and we’ll go from there immediately,” Nash said. “So I wouldn’t say we’re going to change the rotation off the bat here, but it’s possible. But we still, I think, have more minutes for Nic.”

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