James Harden Breaks COVID Protocol

Written by Noah Gagnon

James Harden was supposed to miss tonight’s game because of COVID protocols, but it turns out he broke the rules and suited up anyway. Oh wait… that wasn’t James Harden, that was CAM THOMAS.

Not to exaggerate, but Cam Thomas might be the greatest draft pick in the history of the NBA. The Nets didn’t have Kyrie, Harden, Harris, or basically anyone else of relevance on the entire roster, and are still riding a two-game win streak. Why? Because Cam Thomas is a freaking star. I mean, KD too, but this isn’t about him.

If you look at the stat sheet, Cam’s stats don’t exactly pop out at you, but if you watch this guy you can instantly tell that he’s a freaking star in the making. He can score at every level, handle the ball, and is literally never phased by NBA talent despite being 20 years old. Oh yeah, KD and Harden love the kid.

Honestly, Cam is just living my dream life. And I’m not even talking about the money, or being an NBA level basketball player part of it. I’m just talking about his budding friendship with KD. That’s my dream. I just want Kevin to take me out for a sandwich or something. If he likes Cam he’d like me, right?

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