Drew Brees and the Saints absolutely killed the Buccaneers 38-3 with Tom Brady struggled throwing three interceptions. While the game was out of reach they brought Jameis Winston during garbage time and he ended up eating another dub.

Obviously this is a tribute to his viral moment when he was a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis really is the gift that keeps on giving a walking meme and we all love to goof on him, what a legend.

Three years was way to long glad he brought back this moment I feel like nature is healing. What a night who would of thought that on Sunday Night Football Tom Brady and that high powered offense would only put up three points and Jameis Winston would play against his former team. What a game.

The other great story of the night is that back in the Saints locker room Sean Payton is dancing the night away with his team. The scene in their locker room is nuts.

It most be fun playing for a coach that will go crazy with you all after a big win. I would love a camera to be on Drew Brees and see what his facial expressions are, I feel like he should be a fun guy right? I don’t know this locker room seems fine and Michael Thomas is not that bad of an influence everyone seems to be getting along. Good win for the Saints, I am very anti- Brady and I take pleasure in watching him lose.


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