Ja’Marr Chase Puts NFL Scouts On Notice

Written by austenlange

It’s no secret that LSU star receiver Ja’Marr Chase is an absolute problem on the football field, but I feel like people have forgotten just how great he is. Chase took the liberty to not play this past season due to the pandemic. This is something that many “Draft Professionals” say would hurt his draft stock and would even make him slip in the draft. However, Chase seems to be having none of that nonsense.

I mean just look at these Pro Day numbers. A receiver who is significantly smaller than Julio, and DK just absolutely destroying their combine numbers with ease.

Oh and he’s just faster than fuck. A 4.38 is nothing to scoff at. He absolutely murdered his Pro Day and put everyone on notice. Now he’s putting all the haters to bed and showing them all just how great his skill set is and that’s what makes him the top choice at wideout in this draft. There are rumors floating that the Bengals would like to draft him with the 5th pick but I just don’t see that as a necessary thing for them. Address the offensive line, protect Joe Burrow and allow Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd to grow and become top threats in the league. However, as a LSU guy seeing Joe throwing the rock to Ja’Marr again would be music to my ear hairs, and I would cheer (quietly) if this does come to fruition.

Enjoy watching the 2019 Biletnikoff Award winner do his thing and decimate defenses. As always #GeauxTigers

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