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Jamal Murray Cheating Scandal; What Does Girlfriend Harper Hempel Have To Say?

Written by Chris Powers

Exposing cheaters never something that is fun to do, especially when it is a person that is looked up to by many across the world. It is one thing for a professional athlete to get caught up in a cheating scandal, but it’s another when it is a beloved NBA superstar that is universally loved by many.

Unfortunately, cheating has become a regular practice for many professional athletes. And unfortunately, today is the day we call out one of the Denver Nuggets star players.

The cheater in question today is Jamal Murray.

Murray made the news not too long ago for having a sex tape with his girlfriend Harper Hempel brought to the public eye.

But now, Murray is in the news for an actual cheating scandal that is not easy to come back from. Unfortunately, this particular scandal was swept under the rug and hoped to be forgotten about by Murray. But we are not about to let that happen.

Back in January in a game against the Dallas Mavericks, for whatever reason, Murray decided to strike Tim Hardaway in the groin. This ladies and gentlemen is the very definition of cheating. There is absolutely no reason to ever hit another man in the balls unless it is a life or death situation. But for some reason, Murray felt compelled to do so. This particular incident cost Murray $25,000 in fines by the NBA.

Now if I am Murray’s girlfriend. I would have to wonder if he is willing to cheat on the court so blatantly, wouldn’t he be able to do so in other areas of life? While girlfriend Harper Hempel never commented on Murray’s blatant cheating, you have to think that his morality and ethics certainly come into question.

The moral of this story is that Jamal Murray is not above cheating in the game of basketball. Even if it means hitting an opponent on the balls.

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