Jamal Adams Having A Bad Season Is Music To My Ears @Prez

Jamal you bum, I warned you leaving the Jets would be the worst decision you have made in your career, I tried to warn you. I was your biggest fan, now I am your biggest nightmare. No one was a bigger fan of you than me, exhibit A down below:

It never sat well with me that a player with two whole years left on their contract forced their way off of a team for no reason.

I honestly don’t know if Jamal is a top-10 safety in the league at the moment. He has been very bad this season. Seattles defense as a whole has been horrendous but it as a Jets fan I enjoy seeing highlights of how awful he has been.

I cannot wait to see how the Seahawks play in the next 6-8 weeks with Russell Wilson being out. I believe Joe Douglas and the New York Jets traded a overrated safety who basically is a linebacker for two Seattle first round picks, and with the way they are playing it looks like it could be a top ten pick! Music to my ears, thanks Jamal!

Jamal, I was your number one guy and you crossed me, you tried to embarrass a franchise that cannot be embarrassed anymore. The New York Jets are entering a new era and the train is already leaving without you being over paid to point and not cover your man. Thanks for the first round pick, enjoy your summer in Cabo.

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