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Jamaal Williams Gives Out a Rather Interesting Intro on Sunday Night Football

Written by Nate

Just before the Detroit Lions started their first offensive drive of the final Sunday Night Football game of the 2022 regular season against the Green Bay Packers, one notable Lions player had a viral introduction that left many viewers confused and amused.

As you can see in the clip above, Lions running back Jamaal Williams introduced himself in some sort of name that nobody understood.

Apparently according to a couple fans on Twitter such as user Bob McVay, what Williams said was that he was ‘Swag Kazekage of the Hidden Village of the Den.’

The name basically is a reference to the anime show, Naruto; a show and genre that Williams is a huge fan of.

Being a character that he was during Detroit’s Hard Knocks series, at least Williams made it sound funny and entertaining rather than being boring and dull like a normal intro for players.

You do you, Jamaal.

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