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Jalen Reagor Caught Beefing in Instagram DMs? Fan Tried to Bribe Player with Big Mac for Fantasy Football Points

Yeesh, not a good look for the second-year Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver here.

After being routed 41-21 by arch rival Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football last night, Philadelphia’s Jalen Reagor got into some heated beef on Instagram with a fan in his DMs.

Seen in the tweet by user GhettoGronk, the possible reason for the beef is that the fan was trying to bribe the player with a Big Mac if he gets 13+ points in a matchup.

A fellow Twitter user pointed out that the screenshot DM might be fake, but the user replied and the video shows that he was blocked by Reagor.

Upon looking deeper into his Instagram page after the beef, it appears that Reagor has turned off his comments on all of his posts. Such as the one in the screenshot image below.

All we can say is that the Ghetto Gronk guy might have been trolling Reagor to get a rise out of him and get all of the clout, but the player’s response is just—yikes.

Especially for a guy who’s on a struggling team and is trying to get his feet wet altogether, this distraction may not pay off in the long run for his own team’s sake.

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