The Philadelphia Eagles blew out the New York Giants 38-7 on Saturday night and are on their way to the NFC Championship game.

Pro Bowl QB Jalen Hurts delivered an epic speech following the Eagles victory, per the team’sTwitter account.

“We prepared out best, and we played our best when our best was needed,” Hurts said. “Lay everything on the f–king line right now, lay everything on the line! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity we got right in front of us in our hands. So what the f–k you going to do? What are you going to do?”

Hurts has displayed impressive leadership ability throughout the season. He has the chance on Sunday to advance the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Hurts’ play has impressive this season. He’s a candidate for the NFL’s MVP award. The Eagles face off against the 49ers on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field in the NFC’s Championship game.

Both teams are loaded with talent. It should be a hard fought battle. The Eagles home field advantage will prove to be crucial in this upcoming affair. The Eagles will remain confident with Jalen Hurts under center.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Photo courtsey of FanDuel


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