I said this from the fucking jump, Jake Paul was winning that fight there was no way around it. Jake is a real boxer and I don’t care if he didn’t get the KO he proved he can box, yeah he has parts in the game he needs to work on but it’s still a W. I don’t agree with it being split decision it definitely should have been unanimous for Jake, but hey I guess they had to make things interesting.

The best part of the night might have come post fight, as Jake was showing respect and embracing the win Tyron was upset. It’s clear as day that Jake won but Tyron thought for some reason he won. Now it makes sense of course you’re gonna be upset and want to say you won but he looked kinda dumb, but it’s okay because we got some good content. Tyron started yapping at both Paul brothers and then Jake reminded Tyron of the tattoo and said if Tyron gets the “I love Jake Paul” tattoo then they will have a rematch. The craziest part is that Tyron shook Jakes hand and accepted it, so now we potentially have in store Paul Vs Woodley II with Woodley sporting an I love Jake Paul tattoo.

What an event this rematch could be I mean it was a great card tonight and with what could be at stakes next I can’t wait. I really hope Tyron wasn’t talking out his ass at then end and gets this tattoo, it might be the funniest shit we’ve seen.


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