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Jake Paul Wants Dustin Prober (Poirier) In Next Boxing Match? – @jakepaul @DustinPoirier

After defeating Ben Askren in the first round his match on Saturday, it appears that Jake Paul may have his eyes set on a new opponent in the near future.

In a recent quote-tweet of Dustin Poirer saying Jake Paul should fight Mike Perry, Jake said that he had already went up against him. And that it was ‘light work,’ and that he wants to see himself in a match against Dustin Prober (Poirer).

Paul even pulled out a video to show him saying it. In the tweet below you can see Mike Perry saying Jake ‘kicked his ass’ in their match.

Perry lost to Daniel Rodriguez back on April 10 in a third-round decision, bringing Mike’s record down to 14-8.

Will it be Paul vs Perry or Poirier vs Paul?

We will see if and how Poirier responds to this challenge because Jake Paul has talked about in the past how he wanted to spar Poirier. But will he sign a contract to fight Paul? Doubtful. It almost seems like some of these ‘fighters’ are scared of Jake Paul.

“I’ve challenged Dustin Poirier to a spar, we are both here in South Florida. Masvidal was like ‘yo, you and Dustin would be friends I can tell. You guys would be cool. You have the same sort of energy and vibe. You guys should hang out,’” Jake Paul revealed to Brian Davis on a recent episode of The True Geordie podcast (h/t “I don’t have anything against Dustin, I even complimented him for beating Conor (McGregor) and he has done amazing things and you can’t take that away from him. By me challenging him to a spar, it is in no way me coming after him. I’m not trying to start beef.”

“Everyone in this sport that’s a fighter knows sparring is a respectful thing. I just merely want to show Dustin how good I am and maybe get his co-sign,” Jake Paul continued. “I’ve challenged him to a spar, no cameras, we don’t even have to talk about it. I told him, ‘yo DM me, hit me up, let’s spar we are both in South Florida. Let’s have some fun.’ I think it would be interesting.”

This all comes after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren:

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