Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson is in the works

Written by Noah Gagnon

Earlier today a report came out stating that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson were reportedly in discussions for a potential $50M boxing match. Mike has disputed the claim since the initial report came out, but could this still be a case of when there’s smoke there’s fire?

Personally, I don’t think there’s any truth to these rumors, nor do I want them to be true. Could you imagine how demeaning it would be for Mike Tyson to step in the ring against Jake Paul? We’re talking about one of the most vicious, cold-blooded killers in the history of the sport, completely squandering his legacy by taking part in an absolute freak show. I couldn’t stand to watch the same guy who sent Larry Holmes to a new dimension dance around the ring with a YouTuber with Pikachu on his shorts.

Even though the Mike fight probably isn’t gonna happen, these rumors alone could open up a whole new window for the Paul brothers. I could definitely see this getting the attention of other old, retired boxers to try to get them to fight the Paul’s. A lot of these guys are broke, and would probably be willing to let Jake or Logan completely urinate on their legacy just to make a few bucks.

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