Jake Paul Unveils $100,000 “Sleepy McGregor” Chain; All Hell Breaks Loose

Written by Incognito

Jake Paul is back at it again with his trolling ways. For a few months now, Paul has been throwing verbal jabs at Conor McGregor trying to lure him into a fight. Who wouldn’t want to fight McGregor and make generational wealth type money?

These are some of his verbal jab highlights:

“I’m bigger than Conor, I weigh more than Conor, and he’s out of his prime, sort of washed-up.”

“He wants to fight Manny Pacquiao in the ring? He would get worked by Manny Pacquiao. He’d be an 0-2 boxer.”

McGregor ignored the trash talk for months and finally responded to people asking if he would fight either of the Paul brothers.

“I don’t see so, but never say never,” McGregor said. “If they’re gonna keep competing and what not, who fuckin’ knows? But dingbats, the 2 of ’em.”

It didn’t take long for Paul to catch wind of McGregor’s statement and tweet out that he’s getting a chain made of McGregor. If you give Paul an inch or an inkling that he has an opportunity, he’ll take a mile.

Fans were going crazy and calling Paul’s bluff. There’s no way he paid thousands of dollars just to get a chain made to troll Conor, right? WRONG. Paul unveiled his “Sleepy McGregor” chain and now we’re off to the races. Not one to mince his words, it is highly likely that McGregor will respond and that’s exactly what Paul wants. Paul is looking for a reaction. He’s poking the bear for a reason.

lt’s slightly obsessive and creepy to get a chain depicting another man after an MMA loss when you, yourself, aren’t a real fighter; you’re basically a fan.
We see the writing on the wall, Paul is campaigning to build and create buzz around a potential fight. He wants the largest payday of his career. Only time will tell if McGregor takes the bait and if this fight comes to fruition.

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