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Jake Paul Says He Lost Millions On Fight With Anderson Silva Due To Low PPV Numbers

Yikes! During a recent episode of ImPaulsive which is co-hosted by Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko had on Jake Paul after his boxing match with Anderson Silva. During the podcast Jake Paul mentioned that seeing he did this on a night where there was so much going on that the PPV numbers were very low compared to what it could have been. And seeing it was his promotion putting it on, he can’t be too happy.

Jake ended up saying on the podcast that he will aim to have the rest of his fights during the summer when there isn’t many other sports going on.

He said that he has a team of 15+ people as well that he had to pay to put the fight on, along with all of the other expenses which always adds up quickly.

Paul said that he ended up losing millions with this promotion.

He said that the PPV sales were going good until the news came out that Silva was knocked out during camp.

I watched it. I bought the PPV. But the thing is, I think a lot of people have been using a lot of different websites to stream the fights. I’ll always rent Jake Paul boxing matches though, you never know what’ll happen.

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