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Jake Paul Is Going To Knockout Tyron Woodley And Here Is Where You Can Watch It | @jakepaul @FiteTV

Written by TrevStone

Is Jake Paul an actual boxer? That’s a question that some people like to argue about. For me it’s not an arguing point anymore, it’s the truth.

Majority of professional boxers when they start their career they don’t have their fights shown all over the world, normally they’re going up against someone who is scrub and that’s how they start their career off. Boxing people that no one has heard of and working their way up – that wasn’t the case for Jake Paul.

His opponents have been ones that he feels he can beat but they’re all people we’ve heard of. He went from boxing a YouTuber, to a pro basketball player, to someone who has actually fought in Ben Askren, to now? A former champion. You can say that Tyron Woodley has lost a step but if you’re questioning if Paul can actually box then this will answer it.

What if Paul throws one of those power punches and knocks Woodley out? What if it happens early in the fight? Or will it be “Well he didn’t fight an actual boxer?” or…. What will the haters say then? That’ll be determined on Sunday, August 29th.

If you’d like to see some behind the scenes all access of the right, here you go:

Are you wondering where you can watch the fight? You can tune into FiteTV to watch it.

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