Dana White has a history of disgruntled employees because of the perceived unfair pay scenario. It’s no secret that UFC fighters aren’t banking millions like one would think. This general sweeping statement may not apply to the Conor McGregors or Ronda Rouseys of the world, but these superstars are one in a million and only come once or twice in a lifetime. This general statement applies to everyone else on the roster who grinds day in and day out for a small $20,000 paycheck. This may seem like a large amount, but after they pay their agent, coaches, and training partners, they are left with peanuts, while Scrooge McDuck himself, Dana White, is left with the lion’s share. 

The payouts run the gamut from $5,000 – millions; it honestly just depends how you can leverage your skills and stardom and if the UFC deems you worthy. You’re really at the mercy of the promotion. 

On Saturday, UFC flyweight Sarah Alpar launched a GoFundMe campaign to fight full-time and pursue her dream of becoming a UFC champion. Side note: she’s a full-time barista to make ends meet. STOP THE MADNESS! Imagine your favorite professional football player slinging burgers on the weekends to pay for his training. I digress.

This is where the ultimate troll walks into the room…JAKE PAUL.

Sarah isn’t able to reach champion status with her UFC salary, so she reached out to the public to cover the following:

  • Food
  • Supplements
  • Training (gym fees, specialized coaching, etc.)
  • Living expenses
  • Recovery
  • Gym fees
  • Doctor fees
  • Travel
  • Gas
  • Room and Board

It’s an absolute embarrassment to the promotion to have their fighters holding full-time jobs outside of fighting and asking the public for funds because they don’t pay their fighters enough. 

Paul has been extremely vocal about the disservice Dana shows his fighters by not compensating them enough for their skills and talent. 

Paul donated $5,000 to Alpar’s campaign, while Triller Fight Club contributed $25,000. Paul sent the following tweet after his donation:

Paul has called out Dana White time and time again for paying his fighters peanuts.

He previously said, “Me and my brother are [have] created this movement forward to help fighters reach their pay because if you’re in the UFC, your boss is Dana White and you’re like, ‘Hey I don’t think we’re getting paid fair’ because he’ll just cut you and throw you off to the side. And so what I’m doing, my movement forward is showing these fighters that you don’t need a promotion, you don’t need a promoter and you don’t need assigning to these longer deals.”

To the casual eye, Paul may seem like a stuntman, but he’s truly holding Dana’s feet to the fire and trying to force a change for these athletes. For the love of God Scrooge, pay the fighters!

Peep Sarah Alpar’s GoFundMe below:


Let’s look at Saturday’s UFC Las Vegas 30 fight purses below, per mmafightsalaries.com:

The total payout to fighters was: $1,963,500

This total might seem like a gigantic number, but it isn’t if you compare it to what athletes in other sports get paid. This is also dwarfed by the revenue the company generates, which they don’t release because the UFC is privately owned. THIS is why MMA fighters are taking freak show boxing matches against YouTubers… to get paid!


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