Jake Fromm Leaving Georgia; Best News for Tom Brady and Patriots!!!

Written by JohnnyB

The QB1 Alumni and now former Bulldog is moving on from Athens. The lifelong Georgia fan is headed to the NFL draft. I think this is great news for Tom Brady staying with the Patriots. I think he would be the perfect replacement in a few years for Brady in New England. He fits the New England way perfectly and needs time to watch in order to be a great player.

My opinion on this move is its great for Fromm. He has been taking a lot of criticism for not pushing the ball down the field enough and being a check down Charlie. I don’t agree that this has all to do with Fromm. I believe Kirby Smart’s awful play calling has a lot to attribute to Fromm’s checking down, not to mention key injuries to WRs.

His numbers above along with being SEC freshman of the year and SEC champion the same year. Fromm has also won 2 Sugar Bowls and a Rose Bowl in his tenure at Georgia. His arm strength isn’t elite but his decision making is.

I don’t like this class of QB’s, I don’t see a big star coming out. Tua is a lefty and it doesn’t work in the NFL, plus he has always had elite talent around him vs subpar talent I don’t see him being great. I’m not a fan of Herbert or Eason. Burrow might be the other bright star or maybe it was a one year wonder. Fromm I think has the ability to sit for 2 or 3 years and become great. I like him in the Aaron Rodgers role if he gets drafted by the right team. Fromm begins Brady would be amazing for everyone. Brady keeps playing and Fromm learns from the best. Other spots I like are Pittsburgh, San Diego or the Lions, all have aging superstar QBs where he can learn to be a pro.

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