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Jaguars Coach Urban Meyer’s Wife Shelley Responds To Lap Dance Controversy

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The Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2021 NFL season has started in a complete train wreck going 0-4, however their head coach, Urban Meyer, doesn’t seem too heartbroken or bent out of shape about it. He was spotted at his Pint House bar in Dublin, Ohio downing margaritas and getting a lap dance from a blonde girl that is NOT his wife.

Meyer’s wife, Shelley, is very active on Twitter and has caught wind of the lap dance video circulating on the internet. Shelley is out here wildin’ on Twitter. She liked the following tweets stating she deserves better than Urban. She also quote tweeted a photo of her taking care of her grandchildren, while Urban was photographed out at a bar.


Urban has yet to release a statement addressing his actions over the weekend. Urban getting a lap dance from a blonde girl is the gift that keeps on giving. Twitter has exploded with memes and gifs poking fun at the coach’s transgression. The Jaguars’ next scheduled game is against the Titans. Hopefully Urban’s wild night out will help him get the Jaguars’ first W of the season.

A full breakdown of the Urban Meyer’s lap dance controversy:

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