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Jaguars Coach Urban Meyer’s Lap Dance Partner Alleged Identity Revealed


At this point, the entire world is aware of the controversey surrounding Jacksonville Jaguars coach, Urban Meyer. After the Jaguars lost to the Bengals 24-21, Meyer stayed in Ohio and was spotted at his Pint House bar downing margaritas and getting a lap dance from a blonde female that was NOT his wife. [Shelley, his wife, expressed her feelings on the matter]

The internet is a tricky thing…you can run, but you can’t hide. An alternate angle of Meyer and the female was leaked and this video was a recording of a Snapchat. People paused and zoomed in on the top heading of the video and quickly put two and two together. The heading reads, ‘1hr ago by Cayman Nebraska from Camera Roll.’ People also peeped the caption of the video seemingly confirming her identity – “Someone really got a video of Urban sticking his fingers up my ass.”

And just like that the internet exposed the alleged identity of the blonde in the video as 24 year old Ohio State alum, Cayman Nebraska. Yes, you read that correctly. What a name. You can’t make this stuff up. [Click here for photos of Nebraska]


Grab your popcorn. In true undercover fashion, the private eyes of the internet went to work exposing her identity. Cayman Nebraska is in digital marketing and works for a media group in Ohio. One twitter user released a screenshot of a post from June that Nebraska was tagged in. She allegedly worked a company event at Meyer’s restaurant Urban Chophouse in June. The photos also revealed Meyer was present as he took pictures with a fan.

This piece of information adds a layer of complexity to the entire situation. Did Meyer personally know Nebraska before his escapades this weekend? Did they meet each other at the photoshoot and keep in contact? The plot thickens.

It seems as if Nebraska has scrubbed the internet of any social media as her Twitter handle @Cayyy_man is no longer active and her Instagram is private (https://www.instagram.com/caymannebraska/?hl=en).

Nebraska has yet to confirm or deny that she is the female in the videos. Twitter has exploded with memes poking fun at the coach’s transgression. The Jaguars’ next scheduled game is against the Titans. The Jaguars are 0-4 and there are some already calling for him to be fired. Want to see what they’re saying? Click here. Hopefully Urban’s wild night out will help him get the Jaguars’ first W of the season.

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