Jacob’s Tips to Make Your Summer Productive (You know, so you’re not too guilty when it ends)

Written by Jacob Nikolson

While Summer is here, to hearken to a prior blog of mine, this season presents one of the greatest challenges to the school student, one that our fellow students past, present and future struggle with: How to make the most of our summer break. While it’s impossible to devise a perfect plan of action for everyone’s summer, I took it upon myself to write some ‘self-evident’ truths (okay, bullet points) that outline a couple things one can do to ensure that no matter what happens over break, it was at least somewhat productive. 

  • Get a Job!!!
    • While I’d hate to parrot something your parents might be, it is a valid option. Getting a job (or merely increasing your hours if given the option), or starting another job/side hustle part-time serves two purposes. One is the obvious money making you’ll be doing, which certainly helps when it comes to vacation plans or the night-outs with the homies. The other purpose is keeping you sane by giving you something engaging to do besides being boarded up in your room all day binging Chernobyl or Apex Legends. If you’re a lucky duckling who snagged a summer internship, congrats to you. Use that time to deepen your understanding of your field, network with professionals, and get paid!

  • Hit the Gym and Get Those Gains:
    • Don’t need to explain this one too much, although this one can be substituted by other physical activity one might happen to do over break (swimming, surfing, skating, etc)
  • Start a New Hobby:
    • That one activity you’ve been wanting to try? That podcast you always wanted to start? Do it! You have the time to not only start it, to also invest in it and turn it into something of real quality!
  • Take a Summer Class:
    • Whether you’re trying to get ahead or break even, taking a summer class might be the move. If you’re in the position to, take it at a community college and you’ll save a ton of money. If you have to take an upper division at your uni, power to you, and best of luck.
  • Clear Some of Your Backlog
    • Whether you’re finally getting around to watching GoT (I haven’t seen it yet, though I plan to) or finally playing that one game(s) you’ve been putting off (For me it’s the Mass Effect Trilogy).


While I’m not demanding or expecting these to be fulfilled or done in any capacity, the intention was just to throw stuff out there to get you thinking about possible options (of course, this list applies to me so I can do something productive haha). If you like this post or any other one I’ve done, consider following me on Twitter @NikolsonJacob to be kept in the loop regarding new blog posts. 

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