Jackson Mahomes Posts TikTok With Chick Twerking; He’s Not Actually Gay?

Written by TrevStone

I don’t know if Jackson Mahomes is or isn’t gay… or bisexual at least but I’ll be honest he always finds a way to make the news and recently he posted a TikTok that he will be at Chiefs training camp but that’s not what the video was about.

The video has some female and Jackson laying in a bed outside and out of nowhere the female starts to shake her ass and let me tell you this… if Jackson is pulling her he’s doing a pretty good job.


see u at training this camp this week 🙂

♬ All the Things I Hate About You – Huddy

But we know he’s claimed to bang chicks in the past and it’s been pretty awkward:

Sometimes I feel bad for him. But then other times I see these TikToks like he posted today and remember that even though he gets hated on he probably gets laid more than 99% of humans and also is living a pretty damn good life.

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