Jackson Mahomes Danced on the Sean Taylor Number 21 Sideline Tribute for Tiktok @jacksonmahomes

Written by schultzyca

Jackson Mahomes is an idiot, really you cannot be this stupid, I guarantee you this moron cannot read. Patrick Mahomes’ little brother filmed a Tiktok dance on Sean Taylor number 21 tribute on the sideline today.

If you did not know The Washington Football Team retired the late Sean Taylors number today and that stupid idiot who must likely is illiterate (legitimately) decided to do a dance on his number.

I am sure Jackson has no idea who Sean Taylor is because he has never watched an NFL game before his older brother played in the NFL. I would also bet my life saving that Patrick wishes he had a different brother and I am sure Jacksons parents do too.

Like how many embarrassing moments can this dude have during the season? Pouring drinks on other fans, doing cringy TikTok videos, and dancing on the late Sean Taylors number. This ‘dude’ is lucky he has very been hit and that he made it out of Washington without being hurt, seriously.

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