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Jackson Mahomes Cringe Master, or Just a Genius?

Written by austenlange

We all know Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes but do you know of his TikTOk STAR of a brother Jackson??

Well have you know Jackson seems to be putting out some of the all time weirdest content that these two eyes have seen. He consistently tries to recreate popular dances seen on the platform which while cringe worthy is not what freaks me out and makes me lose hope for the future.

What really grinds my gears is the fact that while his brother is on the football field grinding away at a Super Bowl that this kid is on the sidelines and in the booth just doing his best rendition at whatever dance the Hype House had posted earlier in the day. To me Jackson is just riding the coattails of having a super star athlete of a brother, and to be honest, I can’t really blame him. I would really just like to know what goes through this kids head as he records these videos.

Does he possibly think that this is something that will create a sustainable future for him or is he just the ultimate mastermind that has been trick fucking us all along….. Maybe this kid is cranking these out and purposely making them as shit rotten as possible.

Maybe he knows that if he makes them so cringe worthy that people will have NO CHOICE but to keep his name in their mouths. So here’s to you Jackson, may your name become more household than your brothers and that you stay golden.

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