Ja Morant Is Pouring More Gasoline In The Fire He Created – Called A ‘Boy’ By A Stripper Inside Denver Night Club

Ja Morant, fresh from being indefinitely suspended by his team, the Memphis Grizzlies, is again at the center of news today after a series of cryptic tweets on his social media account.

His career is quickly spiraling out of control ever since his gun flashing incident inside a Denver strip club a few months ago. Some of the strippers who were at the scene of the incident told news outlets that Morant acted like a ‘boy’ and wanted all the attention towards him that night. 

After a second incident about gun flashing more than a week ago, he is on the news again today and fans were understandably worried that the young Grizzlies star is wasting his life away at such a young age without proper guidance. Some even said that he is probably depressed and the NBA should look at the situation in a much deeper level.

With Nike subtly pulling out Morant’s signature shoes on all of their websites, everything is stacked against the Memphis star nowadays. While some may argue that the young superstar didn’t break any laws, the league is a business and they don’t want their stars to be flashing guns on social media especially when mass shootings at schools and public establishments remain a threat in the daily lives of ordinary American citizens.

What Morant needs is a basketball sabbatical. He needs to stay away from the game until he truly heals within. One major thing to give up is social media. He needs to stay away from the toxic environment for a while or for good. He is young and a millionaire but all that money could actually cause more problems for him, which is evident right now.

He also needs to narrow down his entourage. They can’t all be good for him. Morant needs to connect with the right people and accept all the intervention and help that the NBA has offered wholeheartedly. 

If he doesn’t, well, that’s really a waste of talent for all the people who supported his rise from an unheralded skinny kid to a world class superstar. 

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