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It’s Tyrod Time for the Chargers

Written by Tanner Johnson

Writing a blog has never pained me before like this. I’ve written about losing Packers legends. I’ve written about losing tough games. But this one cuts deep.

This season we have witnessed America’s favorite underdog QB fall out of his prime. Philip Rivers is a hall of fame player. He’s a genuinely great human being and has an awesome life with his 36 children to look forward to. And next season, if the Chargers are smart, they’re going to be pushing Rivers in that direction by cutting him.

Nobody in Wisconsin is a bigger Rivers fan than me. His awkward throwing motion looks magical to me. His ability to censor himself and say, “mother fricker” and “dag gummit” while simultaneously looking like he could actually kill every one of his offensive linemen is legendary. But all great things must come to an end.

After his performance tonight against the Chiefs: 28/52 for 353 yards, 1 TD and 4 interceptions. Rough.

He only averaged 6.9 yards (nice) per attempt and had a 58.7 Passer Rating. That’s unacceptable for a team trying to stay alive against a division opponent.

The Chargers have to make a business decision. They have Melvin Gordon who needs to be re-signed, in his prime. They have weapons at receiver in Allen & Williams, along with Hunter Henry at TE. They cannot afford to waste what they have right now.

Enter Tyrod Taylor.

He’s a proven QB, at 23-22-1 primarily in Buffalo with a couple starts for Baltimore and Cleveland. He was productive as a full-time starter in Buffalo and lead them to the playoffs in 2017.

He has another year left on his deal and the team needs to know right now what they have in him. If I’m Anthony Lynn, I’m giving Tyrod a 5-game tryout to be a QB and Rivers a 5-game tryout for the vacant Offensive Coordinator position.

Phil, you’re a gift from the football gods. I will always cherish your miraculous comebacks and your intense style of football. You made blowouts seem like nail biters and you made close games more dramatic than anybody else I’ve ever watched. But it’s time for you to be a Dad and husband full-time. Focus on that child-making factory you call a house. Mow the lawn, clean the gutters, hell go visit high school teams and scream at their offensive lines just to stay in game shape.

This isn’t goodbye Phil, it’s see you later. Talent like yours doesn’t sit still for long. I can’t wait to see you coach or broadcast or be a televangelist. Whatever it is, I’ll be tuning in.

God bless you Phil Rivers. It’s been a great ride.


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