It’s time to put Kyrie Irving in the GOAT Conversation

Written by Noah Gagnon

Not to be dramatic, but the last quarter and a half of tonight’s Nets game was the greatest basketball performance that these eyes have ever witnessed. Now, the second-best performance was Lance Stephenson in the first quarter, but that was immediately topped by what Kyrie Irving and company did in the last quarter of that game. The Nets were down 98-81. They won 128-121. Dominance.

Imagine this. You’re Kyrie Irving. You don’t play for the first 35 games of the season, the whole world wants you traded, you’re public enemy number one in the NBA world. Now you’re back, and you go for a light 22, and make some of the biggest buckets in the game. Did Mike ever do that? Kobe? Bron? I don’t think so. Only Kyrie.

Not only was this his first game since June, but his dad, Drederick, was in the stands, so you knew he was gonna go off. He always does when pops is in the stands. As soon as the game ends what does he do? Runs right over to his dad and hands over the jersey. @Drederick, I live in Central NJ if you wanna mail that to me.

Drederick Irving. Is that not an all-time name?

I seriously don’t think there’s anything that this man cannot do on a basketball court. People seem to forget that he was a 50/40/90 player last season. Less than ten people have ever done that. But yeah, we should’ve traded the guy.

Early in the season, I expressed my desire to “mouth-kiss” Kyrie Irving. My colleague Doug responded and suggested the Nets trade Kai for John wall. 1) Awful take, Doug. 2) I will still gladly mouth kiss Kyrie.

Honestly, despite the thrill of victory, I’m pretty depressed that I’m not gonna be able to see this guy during home games. I gotta wait like a week to see him now. This is like the NBA version of a long-distance girlfriend, except way harder emotionally. Can we just like be cool and let him play at home? He dropped 22 tonight.

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