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It’s Officially DogeDay! What Can We Expect To See Dogecoin’s Price Surge To? @dogecoin @elonmusk @snickers @slimjim

Welcome everybody, it’s April 20th and officially DogeDay! Although 420 is typically known for something else, today the Cryptocurrency world takes over 420 and officially coins it DogeDay. As we are all familiar at this point, Dogecoin has surged over the past week to new heights and as of this writing is sitting at $.40 per coin! Considering its debut price of $0.0004 in October of 2014, it has certainly come a long way.

What’s so intriguing about Dogecoin is not only the celebrity backing the popular cryptocurrency has obtained, but even the companies that have backed it. Take a look below.

It’s one thing to have corporate brands pushing DogeDay, but there are also well known celebrities actively promoting the cryptocurrency as well as DogeDay.

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So what exactly can we expect tomorrow from Dogecoin?

I can only imagine a price surge is inevitable. There is entirely too much promotion on social media, not just from the Dogecoin army but celebrities and companies alike. If you haven’t bought Dogecoin yet, the time to do so is now. Whether you plan on holding it long term or selling it to make some quick cash, Dogecoin is without question a fantastic investment opportunity. You are literally being given the answers to the test the day before you have to take it. Buy Dogecoin now, and sell it whenever you feel comfortable!

What price does the DogeArmy want to push Dogecoin to on DogeDay? Check the article out below to learn more.

Also, read what Dogecoin Creator Billy Markus has to say about Dogecoin potentially hitting $1.00. Will it actually happen? See what Markus has to say.

Why To Be Excited For Doge Day?

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