It’s Now Or Never For Taylor Heinicke

It was going to be Taylor Heinicke time in Washington sooner or later, but not this soon. Ryan Fitzpatrick, was taken down on a pass play early in the second quarter on Sunday. He ended up having to leave the game due to a hip subluxation. Fitzpatrick will unfortunately be sidelined for 6-8 weeks with a hip injury. Fans in Washington wanted Ron Rivera to go with Taylor Heinicke all along, now he has no choice but to turn to Heinicke for the time being. The crowd could not hold back their excitement for Heinicke to finally HAVE to be named the starting QB. Instant chants in the stadium, “Heinicke! Heinicke!”

Washington fans always LOVE the backup-QB, that’s because the starting QB usually stinks. It’s going to be interesting to see how fans will treat their new starting QB, Taylor Heinicke. For now, they like him but let’s see how he plays on the field.

He can be electric out there on the field and has shown that time and time again. Heinicke can definitely do things that Fitzpatrick can not. He can move inside and outside the pocket with his legs and make incredible plays that you would not even think he would make.

Not everyone saw this pass but if this pass was thrown by someone with the name Mahomes, everyone would have seen it. It was a pretty exciting play if you are a Washington Football Fan. Those are the kind of plays that you will see from Heinicke from time to time. He has that ability to extend plays even when you think they are dead.

It’s now or never though, Heinicke has a chance to take over this team but he needs to play well first. His first opponent comes Thursday night against the Giants. It’s funny how things work out. Under the lights on a Primetime game against a division foe, is where you will see Heinicke take over this franchise…potentially. That’s what Washington Fans are hoping for.

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