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It’s Finally Happening, Masahiro Sakurai Is Unveiling The Latest Smash Bros Character From ARMS

After I don’t know how long since the last time we heard, Sakurai is finally going to show who the hell this one ARMS character is after saying this will happen in June. Some people thought this was just forgotten about, and honestly, I can’t blame em. Also can’t blame Sakurai, the man literally works himself to sleep.

But we’re finally here. Just who the hell is it going to be and what else is going to be announced? Well, it would be very easy to say Spring Man (yeah he’s an assist trophy but he is the cover boy) or Ribbon Girl, while Springtron (a robot version of Spring Man) and Twintelle (a fan favorite for obvious reasons) are realistic options. Max Brass would be a cool ass choice as a Captain Falcon like character with a bit more range. Get out all the Marth Melee grab range jokes while it’s still in your system. Go ahead.

I just hope whoever it is, doesn’t have a campy playstyle. Byleth, Banjo, and Hero are all chores to play against online. See y’all early in the morning Monday, post your predictions, and see how wrong you’ll be. PS: We won’t be getting any other info for other DLC fighters. F.

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