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It’s been 7 years and I still Haven’t Forgiven Peter Chiarelli For Ruining My 4th of July

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The rumors were swirling around twitter 7 years ago today that Tyler Seguin could be on his way out of Boston. A few short hours later Seguin and Rich Peverley were traded to the Dallas Stars for Loui Eriksson, Reilly Smith, Matt Fraser, and Joe Morrow.

This all came off the heels of the Bruins losing to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. Seguin did not have a great playoffs, and was a huge disappointment in the finals when his team needed him to step up as the injuries for the Bruins started filling the 9th level luxury suit. Seguin played all 6 games and posted just 4 assists in the series. Then this happened.

The Bruins were trying to sign Nathan Horton and still improve the roster. They decided they needed to move a player to make that happen. The Bruins quickly lost Horton to Columbus in free agency, and still decided to move the 21 year old Tyler Seguin.

There were plenty of off ice issues being tied to Seguin. Those included staying out past curfew, a crazy one involving security being assigned to his hotel room on the road, and a very unconfirmed rumor about some issues with Nathan Horton.

The one excuse in that drives me up a wall is brought up by Scott Bradley. In the video he says “if he gives us half of what Kane does, we win a Stanley Cup”. A valid point. Kane was a beast in that series and lead the team to their 2nd Cup in 3 years. What drives me crazy is Patrick Kane had a whole bunch of problems himself early in his career with Chicago. The difference is, the Blackhawks decided to invest in their #1 overall pick and work through those issues. Now he’s one of the best American players the NHL has ever seen.

The Bruins simply gave up on Tyler Seguin. 3 years into his Bruins tender, after giving him a 6 year/$34.5 million contract, they were not willing to give him a chance to develop. Yes, he had a horrible playoff in 2013. But to ship him out after one poor showing in the playoffs and a few off ice issues proved to haunt the team as they sat in mediocrity until the 2018 season.

The return they got from the Stars gave them very little. Loui Eriksson left after 2 years to free agency. Reilly Smith was traded for Jimmy Hayes who did not live up to his potential and isn’t even in the league anymore. Matt Fraser looked like a decent fit on the third line until the Bruins tried to send him back to Providence and he was scooped up on waivers. Joe Morrow never gained any traction with the big club, and left in free agency in 2017. That’s a piss poor return for a player like Seguin who is a regular All-Star.

Thanks for ruining my 4th of July Peter Chiarelli. You’re a real ass for doing this to me and I’ll probably write this blog every year for the rest of my life.

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