It Brings Me No Pleasure To Inform You All That The FDA Has FINALLY Killed The JUUL

Written by Suburban Dude

This is how this whole ordeal has me feeling.

The JUUL came into the lives of every white frat kid in the summer of 2017 and grabbed us all by the god damn balls.

People forget that before the JUUL if you were even SUSPECTED with vaping that your friends would automatically have grounds to roast you into ashes.

However the JUUL, the JUUL was different.

No giant ass speaker box that you had to prey wouldn’t blow up on you after a pull.

No more having to spend $80 on an awful bottle of Nicotine fluid.

It just made the whole thing so simplistic. Even with their limited flavor selection, they all still equally smacked titties.

I will never forget my first day with my JUUL.

I was broke as a mother fucker in college and had just received some birthday money from my grandmother and did exactly what any irresponsible frat kid would do. I bought the fucking JUUL.

Now, I do call myself a bit of a trend setter mainly due to the fact that I was the first person in my college town to have owned one. I was quite literally the collest mother fucker for about a month until I convinced our local vape shop to start selling them.

I even ran a small type of business within JUUL. As many know in the early days if you lost your device or it was broken all you had to do was go onto the JUUL website and use the serial number to go and get a new one sent to you. Well I took full advantage of that.

The vape shop sold the devices for $25 and I sold mine at the humble price of $15. No overhead, no hassles, just free fucking money. I did this for almost 2 years in college before I finally decided to be a decent human and get a real job.

All in all, the JUUL is a device that changed the world, and for better or worst it will ever be forgotten.

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