Isn’t it odd how Derrick Rose was ON THE COURT for every single one of these leg injuries…

Written by TrevStone

Every basketball fan knows that Derrick Rose has had nothing but terrible luck throughout his entire career. From winning MVP at a young age to being injured… year… after.. year.. after year… I’m not here to say it… actually I am.

Derrick Rose is cursed.

Not only has Rose missed games in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, missed 20 in 2015, and 20 in 2016, and a bunch last year as well….. I should have just said his entire career.

But besides all of these crazy injuries he was not only there but on the court for these crazy injuries as well…

Derrick Rose is cursed.

Derrick Rose was there when Paul George was injured..

Ouch. I’m sorry that I showed that. But you know what, Derrick Rose also seen this.. in person. On the court…..

But nope, that’s not it. He was also there during Gordon Hayward’s injury.

Are you kidding me Trevor? Why are you showing me these? I know you’re just reading to see the injuries he’s seen without seeing the actual injury… but there ya go. Derrick Rose also saw this..

Okay.. that’s it… just kidding.. Rose was also on the court yesterday when Caris LeVert suffered his terrible injury

It’s crazy. Right?Now I’m not saying it….. but I’m typing it… Derrick Rose should retire before he injured himself or someone else. If I was to play on the same court as Rose I’d fake sick. And I’m a Rose fan…. how can’t you pull for the guy? But at this point.Okay one more… Remember Kevin Ware? The player who played for Louisville and had a nasty injury?Look at those shoes?Pretty crazy he’s wearing Derrick Rose’s shoes.

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