Isaiah Thomas was on the Jalen And Jacoby Show and he gave Celtics fans such a tease. He was asked how much truth there was in Isaiah back to Boston rumors and he felt okay saying “there’s a little talk about it” and continued to say he could help with the young guys and all. Fuck right he could help, he would help more than Schroeder honestly but if he’s just fucking around with us I’m gonna be hurt. I felt a chill go down my spine when he said those words and I know damn well plenty other Celtics fans also felt that chill.

There will be some people calling me crazy, but our best team the past 5 years was with IT at PG. Fuck when Kyrie was on this team, that was a shitty time we played better without him. Also looking back it was a horrible trade for us. I was hype for Kemba I really was and I tried to give him his chances but he couldn’t get shit going and he couldn’t stay healthy. 0-2 on all star PG’s except for IT.

Now there are tweets and rumors like that, that make me sick to think about. I know he’s already played with Lebron in Cleveland and already was on the Lakers before but fuck man. He’s a fully healthy PG now and he’s back on his grind and then the blood sucking Lakers have to come out of the fucking woodworks and have interest. Well I hope the blood of this they are sucking is STD ridden because I don’t want anymore good for them and I don’t wanna see Isaiah in LA. Sure he might love it because they are a great team and he’d probably thrive and I might just be selfish but he could be so better fit absolutely anywhere’s else. The Lakers just love our sloppy seconds, if someone does good in Boston LA has to come behind and try to snatch them up like they are some creeps in a park. Absolutely sickening.

I’m not going to speak much on this as someone else on here has, but I don’t want to say this is a showing for teams and it needs to be an absolute eye opener. I’ve loved what Brad has been doing at GM but fuck bro if he passes up on this and we miss out on IT and he goes nuts for another team I’ll be upset. It would kinda crush me knowing we had the chance and he goes and thrives elsewhere but I do want to see him thrive somewhere just not fucking LA.


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