Is WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Being Stalked?

Looks like Alexa Bliss is the latest WWE Superstar who is dealing with a so-called fan who has lost touch with reality. Bliss, who is currently engaged to singer Ryan Cabrera has had to deal with harassing tweets from someone who appears to think that Ryan Cabrera is already married and that he is a better match than Cabrera Let’s look at some of the tweets as well as Alexa Bliss’ response:

Based on the tweets, it appears the tweeter twit doesn’t know when to stop, which is what differentiates a fan from a stalker. Far too often stalkers are labeled as “fans” which gives the large percentage of fans (of any sport or entertainment) a bad name.


This is an extremely disturbing situation considering the case last summer when a stalker allegedly attempted to kidnap WWE Superstar Sonya Deville. Celebrities are by no means the only people who are stalked, but they do have more resources to deal with stalkers. This case raises the question of whether the WWE should implement a policy to protect its Superstars further, regardless of whether the promotion considers them independent contractors or employees. For example, should the WWE provide training to its wrestlers on security safeguards? Should the company adopt more control over wrestlers’ social media accounts? What do you think?

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