If anyone has any doubts that Vince McMahon is a complete piece of shit, he’s doing his damndest to remove any doubts Vince’s handling of the coronavirus could (and perhaps should) be made into a documentary: An Inconvenient Truth III: When a Pandemic Problematizes Profit.

Are wrestlers’ health and safety an inconvenience?

There’s no need to take a walk down memory lane with the WWE’s handling of the COVID crisis but for those emerging from a corona-coma, a brief review. He continued to operate the WWE at any risk, all but defying the government (and possibly greasing Florida’s governor to get wrestling classified as an”essential business”), imposing the most half-ass precautions against the virus, and now (surprise! surprise! surprise!) he faces what may be a serious outbreak in his company.

It really is all about the money!

For me, the last straw is the news that the WWE is telling its workers not to disclose a positive COVID test. During a recent Wrestling Observer Live show, Bryan Alvarez commented “I can tell you for a fact that the company doesn’t want anyone tweeting about it if they are positive. I have heard other names that have tested positive that have not tweeted about it.”

Despite the complete chaos in the WWE, rumor has it (and keep in mind that this is a rumor) is that the WWE is planning on running shows in July with fans present. At this point the WWE should consider pausing its shows until it gets things under control. The thought of running shows, let alone shows with fans present, is frightening.

The coronapocalypse has helped many people realize what’s important to them (other than the necessities like food and shelter that became problematic when states dilly-dallied with unemployment benefits). In the case of Vince McMahon, it appears to have cemented the idea that profit is king, regardless of the consequences for wrestlers (aka serfs) and employees.

If ever the WWE locker room had an opportunity to stand up for themselves, this is it. It’s difficult to imagine any big law firm turning down a chance to represent wrestlers in a suit involving any number of claims ranging from unsafe workplace to various labor law violations including their classification as independent contractors rather than employees. While wrestlers might have to pursue administrative remedies through the government first, it’s likely things would end up in civil court.

Sadly, history has shown that wrestlers rarely stand up for themselves regardless of their situation. If the story that WWE Superstars were forcibly detained in Saudi Arabia after 2019’s Crown Jewel is true, it’s hard to imagine them finding a backbone now (although wrestlers such as Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns are to be commended).

Wear a mask when you grovel

Whether or not WWE Superstars fight for themselves, Vince McMahon is a complete piece of shit who doesn’t give fuck one about his performers and probably would do even less if he was certain he wouldn’t face possible criminal negligence.


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