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Is This The Year For Michigan Football?

Written by Robert McCarver

A few weeks back I posed the question of, What Does Jim Harbaugh Need To Accomplish For Job Security? Most of the replies were he had to beat Ohio State but that may not be the case any longer. The start of this season for Michigan has been exactly what the doctor ordered and they look poised to be a threat for the Big Ten title and a possible College Football Playoff spot. Ohio State doesn’t look like the Ohio State from years past which means the Big Ten is wide open for anybody’s taking and at the top of that list has to be Michigan. Along with Michigan at the top are Michigan State and Penn State as both teams have come out of the gate playing really good football.

Coming into this year the pressure was on Harbaugh to perform or he could be fired and he has responded so far. Now the competition hasn’t been the best but this defense is a matchup nightmare and that running game will wear defenses down.

Michigan’s first 3 games have gone like this.

  • Michigan 47 Western Michigan 14
  • Michgian 31 Washington 10
  • Michigan 63 Northern Illinois 10

Michigan still has to play like this against the top competition they face which Harbaugh has struggled to do so since being announced as Head Coach at Michigan. Can he beat his rivals of Michigan State and Ohio State? He has a 3-3 record against Michigan State but got embarrassed and outcoached by Mel Tucker who didn’t even know half the players on his own team. Harbaugh and Michigan have been a complete joke against OSU however this is the year to slay that giant on his back. Ohio State got embarrassed against Oregon where their defense couldn’t stop the running game all day. OSU has an average-at-best defense with an offense that can’t consistently pass the ball which plays right into the hands of Harbaugh and Michigan.

If there was a year that Harbaugh could actually live up to the contract he signed this is it and he better achieve it. Everything is looking great for them and their biggest obstacle is in shambles right now and there’s no resolution ahead. This is the year for Michigan and Harbaugh to live up to the hype otherwise everyone’s fired and a new regime takes over.

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