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Is This The LARGEST “Twerk” That You’ve Ever Seen?

Written by Kellen Sherman

This has to be a World Record, right?

(Author’s Note: The term “twerk” is defined as; “a dance or dance move involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”)

When you think of the word “twerking,” what comes to mind? Is it a bunch of women in a club, getting “jiggy with it” to their favorite song? Is it a “dance troupe” at a local event, trying to get the highest score they possibly can? OR…… it a 6’11”, 284 lb center from the Denver Nuggets, who’s trying to win a “tip-off?”

(OBVIOUSLY you picked one of the first two, but I thought this video of Jokic was alot funnier!)

Last night; the Los Angeles Clippers were hosting the Denver Nuggets in LA, where Jokic and Ivica Zubac were setting up for the opening tip. Prior to the tip, referee Bill Kennedy (for some reason) decided to stall. This lead to a rather entertaining exchange, where Jokic started to “twerk” back and forth, causing Kennedy to take a breather because he was laughing so hard.

Personally, when I first watched this, I laughed about as hard as Bill Kennedy did. But having said that, I also had a question come to my mind, which was; “Is this the BIGGEST “TWERK” that we’ve ever seen?” “Is this the LARGEST HUMAN to ever “twerk” on video?” I mean, HE HAS TO BE, right?

Now granted, he was obviously not TRYING to “twerk.” To be honest……I have NO IDEA what the hell he was trying to do. But at the same time……gigantic individuals, like himself, don’t normally move like that. Gigantic individuals, like himself, don’t normally get the “hips” into what they do. NORMALLY, if we’re talking about “dance moves;” gigantic individuals, like himself, tend to stick to dances that require more “arm movement.”

But hey, who am I to judge what he does? Whatever the fuck he was trying to do must have worked for him, since he finished the game with 26 pts and 22 reb!

Simply put; if Jokic continues doing #TheJokic before ever tip, then I’m taking the Nuggets to win the title! #DONEDEAL!

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