Is There a Manningcast Curse?

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Let’s just forget all about the Madden Curse. What I am talking about right here, right now is the potential curse the Manning Brothers are passing around the NFL this season.

This year Manning brothers, Eli, and Peyton have been hosting a show on ESPN 2 giving their own commentary and insight on the Monday Night Football game for the week. This is great for the casual fan who may find the sport of football to be somewhat overwhelming. However, with this light and playful commentary it seems to be coming with a direct consequence.

Guests on the show cannot seem to win their games the week after they appear on the Manningcast.

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WEEK 1: Russell Wilson

Wilson joined the Manning’s to break down the crazy OT Thriller between the Raiders, and Ravens. While Wilson did ball out the next week while throwing for 343 yards and 2 TDs against the Titans the team did ultimately lose in OT.

Not even three weeks later Wilson hurt the middle finger on his throwing hand and has caused him to miss significant time. However, it did lead to us seeing Russell Wilson run his 2-minute offense on air like a sociopath.

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WEEK 1: Travis Kelce

Before Wilson was brought up onto the stream, Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce was brought on to talk about his other tight end counterparts in Darren Waller, and Mark Andrews. Kelce did catch 7 balls for 109 yards and a touchdown in Week 2, but again his team still fell short.

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WEEK 2: Rob Gronkowski

The curse struck down the Buc’s twice without them even knowing it sadly. Gronk was held to just 4 catches for 55 yards in Week 3. His team also got their doors blown off by the LA Rams and Matthew Stafford.

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WEEK 3: Matthew Stafford

While the curse actually benefited the Rams in Week 3, the team caught the bug in Week 4 in their bout against the Cardinals. Arguably the worst game of Stafford’s MVP type of season so far. The veteran QB on threw for 280 yards and 2 TDs with a really bad INT, causing the team to lose to the Cardinals, 37-20.

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WEEK 7: Tom Brady

This game gives the most evidence in the Manningcast curse. Because on the spookiest night of the year, The Bucs were embarrassed by Trevor Siemen and the New Orleans Saints. Safe to bet Tom won’t be back on anytime soon.

Josh Allen named AFC Offensive Player of the Week | News 4 Buffalo

WEEK 8: Josh Allen

This one will be the ultimate test. Allen was on this past week, and even gave Barstool Sports personality, PFT Commenter a shoutout. Now granted the Bills will be playing the Jags so I doubt they lose, but with the curse we may never be right again.

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