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Is the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen the New Face of Gerber Baby Food?

Written by Mike Rickard II

Is the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen the new face of Gerber Baby Food? The answer is no, but the babyface quarterback sensation should be thanks to his amazing youthful looks and power-packed passing. Allen, who won his second AFC Offensive Player of the Month award in one season (joining the ranks of Bills legends’ Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith for scoring two awards in a single season). Buffalobills.com noted Josh’s achievements:

Allen passed completed 129 of 184 passes (70.11 percent) for 1,516 yards, 15 touchdowns and just two interceptions during five games since the beginning of December, all Bills victories. He also rushed for 110 yards and two touchdowns.

The incredible run put a bow on a season that saw Allen set Bills single-season records in virtually every passing category, including completions (396), completion percentage (69.2), passing touchdowns (37), total touchdowns (46), passing yards (4,544), and 300-yard passing games (8).

Josh’s babyface has earned him the nickname “The Kid” among some NFL commentators. Allen, voted “Most Likely to Get Proofed at Age 90” may look like a high school freshman, but he plays like a veteran quarterback and has had the best season of his three-year career with the Bills. Now, I’m recommending that Josh Allen become the 2021 brand ambassador of Gerber Baby Food.

In 1928, Gerber Baby Food began using a picture of an adorable baby on its products. The picture quickly became associated with Gerber, much as Rod Marinelli’s picture became associated with losing seasons in the NFL. Recently, Gerber began an annual contest where it selected “brand ambassadors” to be the face of Gerber Foods. In 2020, Gerber made history when it picked an adopted baby. According to the New York Times:

Gerber announced on Friday it had selected the first adopted “spokesbaby” in its 92-year history.

The baby, Magnolia Earl of Ross, Calif., was selected from among more than 327,000 entries submitted to the Gerber website, where families uploaded photos and videos and shared stories for the company’s annual Photo Search contest.

Please excuse the piss-poor pseudo-Photoshop picture.

I am encouraging Bills fans, NFL fans, and Pro Sports Extra readers to nominate Josh for the 2021 Gerber Ambassador Contest. Josh’s babyface coupled with incredible athletic abilities would remind parents everywhere of the nutritional value of Gerber Foods.

This wouldn’t be Josh’s first promotional endorsement as the philanthropic player helped Buffalo’s Oishei Children’s Hospital with his breakfast cereal, Josh’s Jaqs (described by a report at Buffalo ABC affiliate WKBW as “red and blue frosted rolls.”

Gerber’s campaign for 2021 won’t be starting until later this year so Josh has plenty of time to focus on winning the Bills their first Super Bowl. The Bills play the Indianapolis Colts on January 9 at home after securing their first AFC East Division Title since 1995. Despite my initial reservations about the Bills’ playoff chances this year, I’m hopeful the team will make it to round two. If not, Josh and his fans will have extra time to plan their strategy for getting him onto Gerber jars everywhere.

Editor’s Note: I mistakenly wrote that the Bills are playing the Vikings when they are in fact playing the Colts. No doubt the result of drinking too much cough syrup in the afternoon.

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